Saturday, 18 August 2012

August 18th - Together again


  1. It´s so sweet when siblings love each other... seems like they do!
    Btw: I would die for their hair!

  2. That is so adorale. I can really tell fron your photos that your two big kids are a little team.
    Hope that your big girl had a good time in Canberra? Goodness she must have frozen. It was a cold snap down here, even in Canberra terms ;)

    1. These two are great buddies, they just make each other laugh all the time. Poor Elijah missed her dreadfully while she was away and moped around until she came home! She had a wonderful time in Canberra and saw heaps of cool stuff, I think the cold was all part of the adventure :)

  3. I love the sweet simplicity of this one. Something about siblings sharing an ordinary moment that makes it so special. These are the sweet little moments that we will be glad we have captured.